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We want all our friends and fans to get their digital camera out, and strike a pose with all your favorite guitars! Email the photos and a brief description of your cool rig, yourself, and anything else you want to add - Plus any links to your own personal sites and well get them posted!



Mike B

Guys - Great site!!!
Mike has been an Yngwie fan since 1986. "I saw
Yngwie in Concert in 1991 in Cincinnati and got a
 guitar pick from his roadie".

My favorite Yngwie album is Trilogy. I play thru a Vox Valvetronix modeling head and a 4x10 Marshall Cabinet. I have built 2 scalloped guitars myself but sold them to buy other guitars. Play Loud



Deanna C

Hi Randy and Dean!  Keep up the great work on the website!
I also loved your last show - You guys pump so much
energy into your performance and man you guys can play!
Thanks so much for the "Guitar Girls" shirt - I love it!

hugs n kisses :)




Rocky H

Dean And Randy -  I cant tell you how much I Love My Yngwie Signature Strat you reliced for me!!   I LOVE IT, it exceeded my expectations by alot. Thanks so much!!


 I started playing when I heard Yngwies  gimme gimme gimme cover, first song i heard by him and from then on i have been a
huge yngwie fan and he has been my biggest influence.

I play the strat 99% of the time but sometimes I like to play my Tom Anderson for a different feel


Hi, Greeting from Sweden!! My Name is Andres H I Think you guys have a Great site,  And your playing is fine too ;-)

Here is a picture I shot at  the YJM concert at Berns in Stockholm, Sweden.

These are my guitars - please read the description
about them



- YJM Japan signature ST71-140YM, basswood body, 
maple neck narrow  u-shape, brass nut, super jumbo, 10" radius, Dimarzio YJM at bridge and neck, fender standard
 in middle, rewired with Fender no-load pots, bridge and
middle pu's connected to lower tone control, Fender vintage tremolo with steel block, F-tuners



- Alder body made in japan (vintage routing), maple
neck/rw refretted with Jim Dunlop #6000 super jumbo,
chunky c-shape, fretboard reshaped from 7,25" to
compound radius 7,25" - 12", brass nut installed, dimarzio
FS-1 in all positions, wired as the YJM strat (no-load),
Fender vintage tremolo with steel block, gotoh kluson
tuners. Knobs and plastic parts are aged Allparts and


- Strat 69 replica, Fender US alder body in CAR, Allparts maple neck/rw, nitro laquer,  vintage frets, 7,25" radius, c-shaped, tusq nut, Fender custom shop strat 69 pu's,
vintage wiring with CRL and CTS parts, Fender vintage
tremolo with steel block, all plastic parts and hardware
are Fender original, F-tuners.


- Hendrix-Woodstock clone strat (Voodoo...) Fender
alderbody in Olympic white, custom made quarter sawn maple neck with compound radius from 7,25" - 12",
Dunlop Super Jumbo, tusq nut, Dimarzio HS-3 in bridge, Dimarzio YJM in middle and neck positions. Vintage
wiring (CRL and CTS parts) except for the bridge pu
which is connected with the middle pu to the lower tone control, Fender mex vintage tremolo with diecast block,
all hardware and plastic parts
 are Fender original, F-tuners.
Dean & Randy - Good luck with your projects!
Best regards
Andreas H


    ThE NuX USA



NuX  plays lead guitar

 Check out
 to hear the band and see his own shred site!!
You can also see here: for some shred
madness !!

My most notable influences are  Yngwie, Paul Gilbert,
Joe Stump, Macalpine, Jason Becker, Impelletteri,George Bellas, Michael Angelo Batio, Ace Frehley & More! His
fans & friends (Eddie) attest he is one badass guitar
player !!

Hey you crazy Shredding Maniacs!!!
Your site kicks ass! The lessons are cool.
The online drum machine is insane!
I am honored, and appreciate being
added to your friends section.
Thanks for helping keep
Shred- ALIVE and WELL!!!!



    Steve & Greta M.

I've been hooked on Yngwie ever since I heard his first album in 1984. I once ran a BBS called Rising Force and after the Internet arrived I went online in 1998 with a fan tribute web site called Yngwie Malmsteen 100% that I'm still running today. I started my professional career as a Computer Technician 20 years ago and today I'm a Windows Server Administrator. In my spare time I play my electric guitar at home and try to teach myself anything from Classic Rock to Yngwie!

I've been married to Greta for 18 years and we have two daughters Stefanie (15) and Athena (10) who were both born on the same day! Stefanie plays the violin very well and sometimes I get her to play along with me on one of Yngwie's classical interludes. We've seen Yngwie play live whenever he came to Baltimore during his many tours. Greta and I even got to meet Yngwie (with Rudy Sarzo and Joakim Svalberg) on his bus during the Attack tour! It was very late (after 3am) so you can see how tired Yngwie looked after pouring out all his energy on stage with a long show.

Steve & Yngwie!

It is very nice Yngwie takes time to meet with the fans whenever he can. We are looking forward to seeing him play again in Baltimore this December on his Unleash The Fury tour.

I got turned onto the Hi Tech
Guitar site when Dean started making his two
Yngwie "Duck" guitar replicas. His projects
fascinate me because you can really see the care
and attention to detail he uses from start to finish.
Both Randy and Dean have a really great site. I like the guitar video lessons and the Guitar Girls are a
cool site feature too that I enjoy. Oh, and Greta says thanks for her official Guitar Girl tee shirt!

Greta - Guitar Girl Natural !


Steve & Greta


Craig B

Craig Butlin was born in Norfolk Virginia and was raised in the South Norfolk area. Craig started playing guitar early at the age of 14.  His influences are Eddie Van Halen ,Yngwie, Randy Rhoads, Iron Maiden and Kiss. Craig's amazing talent earned him 2 winnings  at Guitar Centers Guitarmageddon in  2004 &  2000 and in 1990 came in 2nd at Alpha Music's Wang Off - judged by non other than Michael Fath!
 My gear
 Marshall g100r(Park series), ,JCM 1969 Marshall 4x12 cabs,fx7 DOD processor ,Cry Baby Wah, BC Rich Warlock, Charvel Jackson ,Rogue Custom made and the axe I won at the Guitarmageddon!
Click here for my website  -- Please wait for the sound byte to load- it takes a little while !


Favorite Axe - Dean Baby V Signed by
Michael Angelo Batio!!

Randy & Dean - rocks!!!!!!


    Eddie K  Virginia Beach ,Virginia

Eddie - Kicking Ass on Drums!

My Mexican Fat Strat 2004 with a Floyd Rose System  scalloped by the guys at - thanks!!


Guitars I  play are 2004 Dean Evo , Mexican Fat Strat
2004 with a Floyd Rose System  scalloped by "the man"
Dean Cascione - Great Job ! Dean did an awesome job and
 in a timely manner and shipped my neck back with no problem's! Other equipment I use keyboards=psr-170, amp
= marshall avt50, bass= 4 string rogue  ,pa =gigrac300 with
2 700 watt community speakers 12'', drums= 5 piece
Ludwig accent kit with a tama double kick pedal and I use
an Alesis drum size 10x17 not big but
 im not in a band I just jamm when ever I have time away
 from my paint business.. ..
 My influences are Yngwie, Joe "the Shredlord" Stump, Michael Angelo Batio ,Randy Rhoads,,Jake E Lee(I was
born in the same hospital) non -guitarist but singers who
influenced me Michael Vescera (this guy has got to be by
far the baddest singer ever) Jorn Lande,Mark Boals,Roy
Kahn of Kamelot and the newbe Maria Breon of Holyhell
Joe Stumps new band - man she can sing her ass off!!

Ive met Yngwie about 3 times and ive
interviewed Michael Angelo Batio on Rogg
TV click here click on episode11
and watch the 30 minute show - note the resolution is a
 little cloudy but the interview can be purchased thru
 Rogg tv
Here  are some links 
And my tribute site for Joe Stump on myspace there are
 tons of guitarist who are influenced by Joe Stump here            

-- peace ed




    Randy & Dean

I love this site! I've been following the site for a
long time and really enjoy the
online lessons and guitar projects. I was first
inspired to play the guitar by my dad who is into
classic rock. Shortly after I grabbed his Yngwie
cd's and almost immediately
started shredding along with Malmsteen.
My uncleRobert Valdes , who is an amazing
also has inspired me to shred.



My  influences include Rusty Cooley and Yngwie Malmsteen. I currently use a Jackson Rhoads V guitar and delrin 1.5 mm pics. I'm also in the process of purchasing a sick Marshall TSL 60 head.

Thanks for keeping shred alive guys
- David

David O, USA


David is  lead guitarist for the
Metal band "Relentless"



Randy and Dean,
Dudes!!, great job with the site and kudos to the guitar girls!!! every guitars wet dream. Randy, nice hooking
up the other nite and finally meeting you, look forward to spending more time and talking guitars.
Just sending some pictures of my weapons arsenal and equipment  I've gathered through the years. The 1989 Jem 777
 is an incredible axe  I just finished restoring.
Hey, any of the site fans that might be looking for certain pieces, maybe
I can help them find there desirable musical piece - contact me here:
Well, enough said, keep up the great work and best to
all your journeys
                                         Mike C - USA


Hey Dean & Randy

My name is Keanu and I play an
Fender American Stratocaster, with 3 coil pickups.
For now I'm using a Squier
Practice Amp, but would
soon like to upgrade to a Marshall Stack! My style includes
Rock & punk rock . I started playing when I was 6 years old
and haven't stopped every since. My favorite players / bands are
Green Day, Sum 41, The Rolling Stones, Metallica and the
Sex Pistols. Thanks again for responding to my emails guys.. rocks!!!!


    Tom H., Portugal      
    Bio Coming soon!!      



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