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  12/1/05  Please welcome our latest Hottie - Guitar Girl Lisa :) .  We  also have  completed our online Project Double Scalloped Neck Shred Strat!!!! Check it out here!
  11/7/06  Our  Yngwie's  REH Video CAR (Candy Apple Red) Scalloped 50's Strat neck!! is finally complete - Check it out! here! We have also added  Video to accompany our "Pedal Tone Lesson #5 on our Instruction page! Shred on!!!
  10/29/05  We've added a Product Test Area where we will be testing out the
latest shred gear- The last few months we have been hooking up with guitar related manufacturers to test out there products  - The first producttest is the all new Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Series Custom Gauge String Sets made by Dean Markley -
See & hear them here!! UPDATE: Double Scalloped strat is almost complete - click here!!

  9/18/05 - New Featured Project Started - By Popular demand, We are replicating Yngwie's Infamous REH Video CAR (Candy Apple Red) Scalloped 50's strat neck!! This is the first time we are showcasing two featured projects on the site simultaneously - Check it out!
  8/24/05  We have added 5 new free AUDIO Shred guitar Lessons! Click here to brush up on some chops or learn some new ones! (Tab /Audio/ PTB files available for download
  8/21/05 "Guitar Girl" T Shirts have arrived!! Now your babe can be a Guitar Girl too! Click here for ordering details on how you can outfit your hottie with one!! We also added an excerpt of an original tune We are working on You can hear how Dean has be heavily influenced by the legendary Randy Rhoads & Jake E Lee - listen to it here
  8/4/05 We have added Neck Scalloping, Body Refinishing & Neck/Body Aging / Relicing to our services page - Click here for prices and quotes!

8/1/05 GUITAR GIRL SHOOT POSTED -  Guitar Girls Lindsey & Laurie get down and dirty with a few of the cool shred axes we built right here at -  and a couple from our own personal collection - If your into smoking hot chicks and sweet geetars, youll love this!

7/28/05 We have been out straight working on some original music over the month of July and rethinking our site a bit. New music and new products in the form of custom guitars and scalloped necks will be available for purchase here shortly! We will also be offering a scalloping service and pre-scalloped necks, finished and ready to go! STAY TUNED!!
6/28/05 Big news!!! We have posted our latest Guitar Girl Photos & we are also auctioning off the Yngwie Relic Play Loud "Duck" Fender Stratocaster on  EBAY!!
6/23/05 We are showcasing the refinishing of a cool 1976 Fender Stratocaster. We purchased this from one of our site visitors who collects many vintage strats and 80's hair band guitars -  Thanks for the great deal Mike! The Strat has some cool vibe, but the spray bomb cherry red finish that was done back in the 80's just has to go! Check it all out here as we transform this mediocre Cherry Red Strat into one amazing  nitro Sonic Blue axe!!
6/14/05 Video Lesson #1 is finally here!  Download the complete lesson including the video & tab right here for free, and start  boning  up on your chops! (Dean is playing the Relic Duck in this Lesson!)
6/11/05 You can finally hear our featured "Yngwie Duck /Play Loud Replica Project  Strat! Click here to see Dean shred on this guitar to a solo he wrote  - in the style of  Stump, Malmsteen and Rhodes.
5/28/05 "Friends & Fans" page added - Click here to see it !! Dont forget to email us your photos of yourself , your cool guitars, and a brief bio so we can get them posted on our site for all our visitors to see!
5/16/05 This past weekend, we had yet another inspiring lesson with the Shred Lord Joe Stump! Studies included arpeggios, pedal tones, and some soloing technique over structured rhythms. - Check out the video clip of Joe Stump and Dean Cascione Improvising to Yngwie's "Dreaming" and Joes own "Killer Instinct!!
5/2/05 Randy & Dean Spent Saturday afternoon (4-30)  at Shred Lord Joe Stump's house! . Joe has taken us on as students, and will be helping us improve our guitar skills.  In case you are not from this planet, Joe has been nominated by GuitarOne as the sixth fastest Shredder of all time - Joe can seriously smoke the fretboard like no other!!!see the lineup here!
4/29/05 - Due to popular demand, we are building a second Yngwie Tribute guitar featuring a Fender 70's reissue Stratocaster with a Maple 3 bolt neck as the donor. We have "strated" the transformation process!!
The Duck#2 Project is complete 5/11/05 - Shes amazing!!
4/23/05 - The Relic Duck Project is Complete!! Finally we can PLaY LoUD!!!
4/18/05 - We are stirring up some publicity with our featured Yngwie Duck project! Click here to check it out!
3/31/2005 - We received a generous packet today from the Shred Lord Himself Joe Stump! Joe is not only an amazing guitar player , but a super nice & genuine guy. This was Joe's thanks for the custom online guitar tuner we built for him. Joe has inspired both of us to practice harder and become more precise with our riffs - Thanks Joe! Check out Joe's site here and click on the photo below to see the cool packets he sent us!!
3/30/2005 - Project "Yngwie - The Duck" Play Loud Strat Replica in progress - Tune in weekly and see this amazing Strat being built right here at!!
3/20/2005 - We finally added a listing of all guitars and parts we are selling and have sold. Click here to view the listing - photos & prices coming soon!
3/19/2005 - Dean site updated & Randy' s site has been added - Dean's entire private collection of strats are now available to be viewed online - If you are a Strat lover , you got to check out this collection!!
3/10/2005 - We've just gotten a bunch of guitars in and we've started the rebuilding and modification process so stay tuned for some great guitars to be available very soon!
2/5/2005 - Look for some of our multimedia creativity in the form of a new online guitar tuner for the great It will be available on his site sometime in late March.
12/24/2004 - We are starting to get our act together as far as our new video production studio. We're getting to know how to use the latest tools that should help us bring you some awesome productions.
12/10/2004 - We've also started using some new software for writing and recording new tunes. Check out Dean's solo Barocco #6 and Ratrace to hear what these tools are doing for us!.
10/22/2004-  Check out the free online guitar tuner and rock drummer - free tool to help you build your chops!!!
9/2/2004-  Our vision is starting to come to life- look for some great guitar projects, cool free guitar lessons and a galllery of cool hotties posing with some of the guitars were building and modding!!!
8/1/2004- High Tech Guitar Site is officially open ! Please welcome our first guitar girl "Taunya!!




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