Jan 12th

            Neoclassical Shred Guitarist Dean Cascione is now affiliated with NEWROCKSHOES.NET! New Rock Shoes are made out of the finest materials on the planet and incorporate the most unique, cutting-edge designs for men and woman! From Cyber-Goth designs to all out original creations you will get noticed with these shoes!!  Check the site and use coupon code "DCSHRED" to recieve $$$ off at checkout on your next order!! http://www.newrockshoes.net/ .

new rock boots 
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Jan 5th 2012!

          Happy New Year!  Dean Cascione's Neoclassical Fire landed the #1 position for the 2011 YEAR in Neo-Classical Metal -Guitar9 Records!!! Check out the top sales chart here! . Huge thanks to all my fans, friends, students, and family who made this happen!!

November 30th

          In celebration of this Holiday Season, American Neoclassical Shred Guitarist Dean Cascione, and Canadian Composer Jay Menard (No Entry Media, Icewind), collaborated to bring you a a very special arrangement of a traditional Holiday song.

Available Now!
| iTunes

Track Listing: A Season For Shred (Single)

1) Jingle Bells

     In "A Season for Shred : Jingle Bells",  Dean Cascione & Jay Menard tap their creativity and deliver a neoclassical arrangement of a traditional carol which has been chanted across the globe for over 150 years.  The song captures the original melody and is fueled with fierce fretboard wizardry, backed by a powerful orchestra. The neoclassical torch is held high and proud as the score pushes boundries of this holiday favorite to new heights.

        The original
masterpiece "Jingle Bells " was written by James Lord Pierpont in 1850 , Medford Massachusettes, and published under the title "One Horse Open Sleigh " . Its original intent was for the song to be sung at Thanksgiving. Shortly after its release, Jingle Bells became one of the most performed and most recognizable holiday songs of all time!

        With a twist of darkess, CGI Artist,  Weiye Yin continues his saga by providing the bone-chilling artwork. Influenced by the minor key of the songs arrangement, Weiye's insipration continues to break ground and explore uncharted territory with his original artwork.

     Binding the world-famous melody with a Neoclassical twist, Dean Cascione's
 " A Season for Shred: Jingle Bells " will take you on a rollercoaster ride that is sure to ignite childhood memories, fuel musical passion, and restore Holiday Magic!


A Season For Shred
"Jingle Bells"
Available N
| iTunes




July 12th 2011

Dean Cascione’s “Neoclassical Fire” Released!!

     Attention Shred Metal Disciples.... Dean Cascione's “Neoclassical Fire” has officially been released! In the cd, Dean joins forces with Drummer Paul Wandtke (The Sammus Theory, Kill Hannah) and The Mighty Shred Lord Joe Stump (Holy Hell, Reign of Terror, Joe Stump Band) to deliver a second installment of Pure Neoclassical Power Metal!!


5) PALADINS FURY - Featuring Paul Wandtke
6) KNIGHTS OF TEMPLAR - Special Guest Joe Stump

     Dean Cascione's Neoclassical Fire blends fierce fret board assault with strong, powerful melodic phrasing. In Emozione, he plays with passion and shatters decades of shred stereotypes. Hails to the Shredlord showcases Dean's technical command of the instrument and is a tribute to the legendary Joe Stump. Paladins Fury features the ballistic chops of Drummer, Paul Wandtke and Sospeso is fueled with bone-chilling suspense. Knights of Templar furiously explodes out of the gate, speeds towards victory, and climaxes with a special guest solo by Joe Stump. For the last track "Serenade of Souls", Dean embraces his nylon string guitar and conjures up sprits of a dark past.

        Neoclassical Fire showcases neo-surrealist painter / CGI Artist Weiye Yin's original artwork. Weiye's character Paladin brings a strong, powerful presence to the cover of the eco-friendly packaged cd. Weiye's artwork flows into the gatefold as well where his original painting Babylon is also featured.

       Experts have described Dean Cascione's command of the instrument as "Dangerous with a Guitar" , "Vicious, High Tech & Aggressive
"....."Jaw Dropping"... "Channeled the Spirit of Rhoades" and "...A Bright Star on the International Guitar Scene".

      From Mortal Sin's fist-raising power chord crunch, to Triskelion's over-the-top arpeggio insanity, Dean Cascione "Digs deep into the neo-scallops" and delivers the chops. Discover Neoclassical Fire TODAY and witness  PURE Neoclassical Metal!

Neoclassical Fire
Available at iTunes

Various Artists - Guitar Chop Shop

Neoclassical Fire
Available at Guitar Nine Records


3-18-2011 To all our loyal site visitors - thanks so much for bearing with us as we have been totally swamped with  collaboarting on mulitple projects! Our update this month comes to us in the form of a beautiful creature named VYNX. VYNX is a fan of randyciak.com and submitted some of her own "Guitar Girl" inspired photos  - Vynx is totally on fire, and we hope you enjoy her photos as well as support her by visiting her personal website at www.whatisyoupoison.co.uk

 This month, Randy headed up to Boston, and video interviewed the legendary Shred Lord Joe Stump! The footage is currently in the edit stages and will be available here as well as Randy's "Shredded TV" Cable Access Guitar Show. In the Interview, Joe Stump talks about the success of his recent release Virtuosic Vendetta, and his tour with his new band, HolyHell, that has lit the European Power Metal Scene Afire! Randy also digs deep and pushes Joe to reveal his secrets & methods of practicing, which we believe will help us all become better guitarist.

     We have added a new section to the site: "Randy Ciak's Models". The new area will showcase site visitor submitted photos. So , if you are a professional or amateur model looking for more exposure, and want to benefit by our website traffic, send in your photos and a brief bio,and we will feature YOU in the new gallery - cool?

RandyCiak's Models welcomes Darcie! 
- Shes soo Ready to Rock and we believe she has
exactly what it takes to be our very
Guitar Girl!!!!!

8-12-09  To kick This month off right, we finally have a new Guitar Girl  - please welcome Beautiful Candice! For the shoot, Candice posed with a one of a kind bad-ass Old School Charvel-style Jamerson guitar! Note: The Killer airbrush artwork is provided by Orion Guitar Finishing!!

   We have to apologize to all our loyal site visitors for it being so long in between updates  -  We've been literally non-stop doing guitar clinics, shows and building sick guitars as well as writing original music. We promise to keep adding cool content and update the site as frequent as possible!!

6-10-09 This month, Randy interviews Dean Cascione iThis video clip has been extracted from Randy Ciak's upcoming "SHREDDED TV" Cable Access Show!!!) In the video, Dean and Randy talk about Neoclassical Shred style and Dean's guitar,amp and pedal board setup! Dean also shreds a bit for us, and blazes through a step by step DIY Procedure on how to get started scalloping your own guitar necks!!

Video Interview: Dean Cascione
talks with Randy Ciak about his rig and
demonstrates a DIY Guitar  Neck

11-19-08  This month, Dean Cascione teaches you how to wow your friends with a killer Sextuplet Guitar Lesson! Special thanks to our sponsor and great friend Paul Unkert of UNK guitars - Paul is a living legend in
the guitar luthier world and is responsible for building one of the most famous guitars of all time - Eddie Van Halens "Hot For Teacher" guitar!!  Paul has just recently launched his own guitar company - check out www.unkguitars.com!

Sextuplet SHRED!
Guitar Lesson Featuring
Dean Cascione for
Unk Guitars

30.0mb Windows .wmv | tab

9-22-08 Dean's "2 String / 3 note Sweep Arpeggios Instructional Video" plus a "Neoclassical Technique and Gear" Q&A has been posted at Yngwie 100% Tribute Site! Huge thanks to Steve Mavronis (Yng100% Site Owner) for making this happen!

2 String 3 Note Arpeggios
Guitar Lesson Featuring
Dean Cascione for
Yngwie 100%

31.0mb Windows .wmv | tab

8-28-08 We promised you more kick-ass guitars and even more beautiful guitar girls,  so at the tail-end of a insanely busy August, we bring you the ever so Shredded Yenny! We say Yenny and the "one of a kind" Solid Brazilian Rosewood DC Custom Scallop neck shred machine make one perfect pair! If you cant get enough of Yenny - please show some support and head over to her official site here

   Also , Dean's free Shred Academy Video Guitar Lesson has been posted! Either head directly to Shred Academy's main page to see the low-res version (plus guitar tab) or click below for a Higher Res version!! Which ever one you choose, you can be sure that Dean will walk you step by step through some really sick Diminished Arpeggio licks that are bound to raise some eyebrows!  "NOW LETS SHRED!"

Diminished Arpeggios
Neoclassical Guitar Lesson
Featuring Dean Cascione
Shred Academy

42.0mb Windows .wmv | tab


7-20-08 Horns Up Metal Heads - Randy and Dean have been fingers to the frets busy shooting Guitar instructional  video's for UNK guitars , Shred Academy and Yngwie 100% (Dean Cascione has just signed with Yngwie 100% Website to be their exclusive Neo-classical instructor ! He will also be available to answer any questions site visitors have about playing techniques and gear!)
          The Joe Stump ESP mod project  is complete and we (Joe Stump Too!) think the axe came out amazing  - see the pics here! And for our
Guitar Girls Loyal Fans - Randy had a shoot lined up this weekend with fitness model Yenny  - Well have her photos posted soon so keep checking back!

The ESP Relic is complete - Click here to see the
project from start to finish!!

5-21-08 This month, were pimping an ESP Vintage Plus for the Mighty Shred Lord - JOE STUMP! We've sharpened our files and heated up our torches to transform this plain-jane strat clone  into a Shred Soldiers delight - Check it out below & Lets Shred!!!

Click here to see us Pimp the Shred Lords
ESP Vintage Plus!


4-26-08 Dean Cascione's debut Neoclassical Shred CD Guitar Chop Shop is finally released -  Cd's are beautiful full color enviro-friendly digipack style (no plastic) with full color printed picture discs - Now let's Shred!
4-14-08 Finally we have a New Guitar Girl added to our Gallery of cool chicks and hot guitars! Please welcome Beautiful Nina!!
2-25-08  This month we give an amateur Ritchie Blackmore Scalloped Strat neck a new lease on life!! Tune in as we repair this baby in hope to give this sweet Japan 70's reissue neck a future on the stage and not in the big blue dumpster ...Shred on!

Bad neck scallop gone real bad!


 2-1-08  Check out our "Used Guitars and Parts" Area! We will be posting some cool deals on some really unique vintage axes and parts to get your guitar project rolling!! All offers considered so email us if your interested in something you see or something your looking for!
1-22-08 Randy Ciak and Dean Cascione's original music was featured in the latest Unk Guitars promotional video. The video was on display at the 2008 NAMM show. Randy supplies the opening riffage at 0:00 to 0:11 and Dean supplies the leads in their Trance Tek tune, “Driven” at 2:56 to 3:20 - Check it out and Shred on!!

UNK Promotional Video Featuring
the music of Dean Cascione
& Randy Ciak

11.0 mb wmv

1-18-08 2008 is here Shred Heads!!!! Horns UP!! We promise YOU, our loyal site visitors we will do our part to make '08 one killer year filled with cool guitar projects, axe mods, lovely guitar girls as well as original music, guitar giveaways, and inspirational instructional rock guitar videos! 
        We have tons of cool guitar related content which includes killer projects we've been working on, so check back often as we continue to update the site over the next few days- In the meantime, download Dean's shred video / tab below and bone up on your chops!!!!
Shred Guitar Promo Video with Tab
"Arpeggio Blast"

3.76 mb wmv  | tab

12-19-07 Shred is ALIVE!!! "Evolution Rock" is Featuring Dean Cascione on the "Masters of Shred II " Podcast - The show includes Dean's new song "Molto Veloce", plus a cool Q&A - they ask Dean what gear he uses, why his guitars are like women, and a cool guitar related story. Now Let's Shred!

6"Masters of Shred II"
Podcast Banner

Complete Podcast (.Mp3 Download)


12-10-07 Know someone very young who interested in Shred Guitar? This month Randyciak.com ventured out to modify a bone stock mini strat into a Scalloped Mini Shred Machine! How killer would it be if  way back when you were 6 or 7, you received your first axe which had a scalloped neck and was setup to shred? For all the budding shredders out there - this ones for you!

MIni Guitar Scalloped Neck
Shred Mod!!!


11-18-07 Congrats to Chris Vlug  from the Netherlands!!
Chris is the winner of our Randyciak.com modded / Joe Stump played and signed givaway guitar. Here's what Chris said after receiving his new axe!
I received the guitar a week and a half ago and can't stop playing it :) I wanted to play for a week or so that get a feel of it and then inform you. The scalloped fretboard is a new one for and i'm really enjoying playing solo stuff on. It has really got me inspired to practice even more (although I unfortunately wasn't able to play much for almost 2 months up until a week or 2 ago due to an injury to my right arm).
        I also really like the overall feel of the neck. It's an awesome rock guitar. The funny thing is that my cousin is the actual shredder that visits your website often. His name is Nick Van Kempen and he's an awesome player and huge fan of Joe Stump. He's the one that signed me up for the contest (himself as well), so I'm also grateful for him doing that. I needed the positive boost. Thanx again for the kickass guitar guys" - Chris Vlug!
Shred on to Chris and all who participated - more cool shit to come - stay tuned!

Chris Vlug - Winner
of our Free Guitar


10-9-07 This month - Dean is featured in a killer Shred Academy.com Trill Video. Randy Explains the lick in our Studio , then Dean demonstrates at full and slow speeds. Pick Stroke as well as fretted notes are all included in the video - Check it out, Get Inspired to play that axe of yours - Now Lets Shred!!!!!

Dean Cascione
"Shred Guitar -Trill Tactics"
Created by
Shred Academy


9-28-07 - To all our friends- please be aware that there are Guitars Popping up on Ebay that are so called "Randy Ciak" Modified Instruments - While some may be the real deal - ( Like Dean's Personally owned and modded real-deal 79 strat that was offered  on Ebay) we have spotted a fake and want our faithful site visitors and customers to beware. IF there is any question on the authenticity of a particular instrument that has been modded by us and is being sold -please contact us via email!  One more thing - the guys prices are so inflated - we would never charge that much for pup installation, body relicing or a fret job - shame on you man,,,,

Click here to  the link to the Bogus" 70's Relic Stratocaster" that Randy Ciak did not modify !!


8-28-07 - Please welcome AMAZING Tiffany to our Beautiful Girls and Guitars page. We've included a few killer Charvel & Jackson Shred Machines that we think add a little 80's flair to this months pictorial.  Enjoy !

 See Tiffany in a 360 degrees
Video -WOW!!!!  (4mb)

8-3-07 - We're moving full steam ahead with our Guitar Instructional DVD as well as the Guitar Girl Photo shoots - We are days away from revealing our latest Guitar Girl "Tiffany" You can have first glance of her amazing ass-sets in the "DVD  Outtake" below . You can be sure our DVD will be rich in original content: Killer High-Resolution Shred Guitar Video Lessons as well as some very entertaining shit!! - Shred on!

 Randy Ciak tries to Demonstrate
an Arpeggio (2mb)


7-30-07 - Check out Randy's  Shred Academy free Lesson "Alternative Picking Techniques"  This is a killer lesson that is bound to inspire your lick creativity! Click below to see Randy Demonstrate these Guitar Chops in a cool, killer video!!

 Randy Ciak
"Alternative Picking Techniques"
Created for: Shred Academy


6-26-07 - The summer has been crazy-busy for both Dean and Randy. The Shred Academy DVD will be available soon as well as 2 more free Shred Guitar Video Lessons - These lessons are styled for the novice, intermediate & expert shredder ! Checkout the Teaser Screen Cap below of Randy & Dean in their High-Tech Studio !! We also have several lovely models lined up to carry on the Guitar Girl tradition so stay tuned for more hotties posing with some killer guitars!!! Shred on!!

 Shred Academy Teaser
 DVD Clip


5-22-07 - By popular demand we are showcasing another cool guitar project !! This month we take a dead-nuts original 1979 USA  Fender Stratocaster and scallop the board; changing her from a collectors dream to a lethal shred weapon - see the details here!


4-3-07 - What better way to welcome in Spring then with our lovely Guitars Girls !! Lindsey & Laurie are back with cool promo photos from their Shredacademy.com photo shoot!! Cool babes - Hot DC Custom Guitars - What else is their in life??

3-2-07 - Our FREE guitar Giveaway is here!  - You can win this Randyciak.com Modified Fender Squier Stratocaster complete with GFS pickups, 12th fret- up scalloped rosewood neck, custom control wiring, billet neck plate, custom pickguard & signed and played by the legendary Shred Lord Joe Stump - Click here to see the details on how to enter as well as the video of Joe lighting the fretboard on fire! Thanks for tuning in to randyciak.com!!


2-25-07 Check out our new "In the Style of Neoclassical Shred" Pedal Tone Lesson shot for YngwieMalmsteen 100% website!. Dean demonstrates this classic lick using a killer 70's Fender Reissue Stratocaster randyciak.com converted into a Duck replica for a great friend and site visitor Jeff Curry! Also we are days from releasing information on a killer free guitar givaway so check back soon ~ Shred lives!!

 Pedal Tones!!
Learn to Shred in
this free Video Lesson!!


2-6-07 - Guitar Girl Audition Archive now online! Our site visitors have asked for more photos of your favorite guitar girls so here they are!!  Inside you can see some cool uncensored and unedited photos of the girls posing with some cool axes in Randy's green screen room - Cool! More Guitar Projects & killer  free shred lessons are on there way so check back soon!!
1-18-07 - Lets start this year off right with a killer Strat Conversion Project. Tony Person (Our Friend & HUGE Yngwie fan) has asked us to turn his plain-jane YJM Signature strat into something with a little more vintage vibe...Check it out here!!


12-21-06 - It's been a crazy month here at Randyciak.com & a KICK ASS 2006! Were wrapping up another AMAZING year of great projects, cool lessons, and HOT Guitar Girls! Checkout the latest Free Shred Video of Dean demonstrating a killer Sextuplet Neoclassical shred lick!  again, thank you - to all our friendly site visitors- you guys (and gals) ROCK! See you next year!!

Sextuplets Kick ass -
Learn to Shred in
this free Video Lesson!!

11-15-06 - The long wait is over - Please welcome beautiful Ashley - Ashley Lights our Girls & Guitars Pages on FIRE!! Also  for all you neoclassical shred-heads, a new Pedal Tone Video Lesson has been posted at Shred Academy featuring Dean Cascione & His DC Custom Zebra Wood Scalloped Neck Strat!!! Shred Lives!

Check out Dean's New Free
Shred Video Lesson at


10-25-06 - We are making progress with our Our ReRanch Spray Bomb Sponsored Body Project ! The  Inca Silver base coat has been applied & weve added the Tribal Decals - check out this killer axe in the making!!!

10-19-06 Finally we have completed our "Roland Ready to Duck" Strat Conversion - Check out the whole transformation of this unique cool axe here. We have showcased the entire project from the winning Ebay Auction to the completely transformed Shred Machine!! Special thanks to Mega Yngwie Fan & Shred Guitarist Keith Chambers for letting us complete his project - Thanks Bro!! Also Check out Dean's site for a new Free Online Guitar tuner that includes the Eb tuning used by Guitar Gods such Hendrix, Stump & Yngwie!!!

Roland Ready Strat Conversion
Project Complete!!


10-9-2006  For Starters, Please welcome our latest "Guitar Girl" Christen - don't let those innocent eyes fool you - She's SMOKING HOT!! Sept & October has been a busy month - We are making some headway on our Guitar Re-Ranch sponsored project, plus have finished two more prototype guitars ( Joe Stump Signature Series - built to Joes exact specs,  and a Zebra Wood Scalloped Neck Tribal Guitar that will be used in Dean's upcoming Shred Guitar Instructional DVD- Both guitars have a mini showcases (photos/ specs) at dccustomguitars.com  - check em out!!  Note:  Dean's Shred Academy Instructional DVD in is the editing stages and will be available soon - Shred Lives!!

9-15-2006 Hold on to your guitar neck real tight, cause our latest guitar girl Sarah is about to blow the roof off of Randyciak.com's Guitar Girl Gallery!!!

8-31-2006 We are just days away from posting another beautiful guitar girl, plus Our Guitar Reranch Featured  "Nitro Spray bomb " Project is moving forward - We have applied the sealer & primer coat - see the details here!! You can also check out Dean Cascione at his new site that just opened just days ago - www.deancascione.com. At his new site, make sure you look for the cool video (Guitar Chop Shop Teaser) we shot right here at randyciak.com multimedia studios!!! Also Randys page has been updated to include his latest recordings with his New AgeTechno Metal Band TranceTek!

8-16-2006 Its been crazy-ass busy at the studios of Randyciak.com & in the DC Custom Shop! Our time has been 100% consumed with working on the Shred Academy Instructional DVD material, shooting hot guitar girls and building some really killer scalloped neck shred guitars. We will also be posting the featured guitar buildup sponsored by Guitar Rearanch soon. In the meantime....drool over one of THE hottest bitch yet to grace our  Guitar Girls Gallery - Please bow down to Kerry!!!

7-26-2006 The wait is over!! We have added two new beautiful Guitar Girls  Please welcome Sienna and Bozena !!! We will also be starting a new Online Featured Custom Guitar Buildup that is being sponsored by Guitar ReRanch - The #1 place for Custom Color Nitrocellulose lacquer in a can!!!!!Guitar Reranch has donated all the finishing supplies for our new DC Custom Silver Shred Project!! Check back and watch a new scalloped shred axe be born!!!


7-19-2006 Check out Randy's Shred Academy Harmonic Pinch Basics Video Lesson  Featured here in Hi-resolution, and at Shred Academy in a bandwidth friendly version!! Rock on ! Also be on the look out for two new Amazing Guitar Girls gracing the pages of Randyciak.com ....update will be posted in the next few days!!!!!


6-28-2006 A new gear page has been posted to show Dean's current rig along with 3 new Song clips  (Fuegue, Guitar Chop Shop, and Alive) demonstrating some of the gear. Also see two new preliminary projects: Monterey Pop Voodoo Strat & Yngwie Tru Relic !! Check it all out here .Also ,Randy is just about complete with his Shred Academy "Harmonic Pinch" Free Video Lesson - Check back soon - We will have the Higher-Res version of the video lesson posted in a few days!!
6-4-2006: Its been a whole month since our last update ! We've been insanely busy, but productive! Dean has been in the studio recording tracks for his Debut CD "Guitar Chop Shop" due out March 07, while Randy has just completed his hot Video for Jamerson Custom Guitars) Check out Randy's Video  & Shred Loud!!! For all interested, the video was shot and edited right here at randyciak.com media studio!!
5-4-2006: Please welcome our latest guitar girl - Magdalena - Shes so hot, shes setting out pages on fire, posing with Randy's Jamerson Green Monster, and the Prototype DC Custom Tribal Neck Through! And for all in search of the Legendary Yngwie  & Stump "Grey" DOD 250 tone, (And don't want to spend 400 + bucks) Look no further www.fxdoctor.com can satisfy your needs for hundreds less than an original vintage pedal!

FXDoctor.com now Endorses Dean Cascione
Check out the details here!!


4-27-2006 We have been busy in the studio recording Randy's Trance Tek Project & Dean's Neoclassical Chop Shop Demo. Check out the new sample of Brother & Fuegue  - Dean used the Double scalloped neck strat in the studio for both of these tunes.

3-12-2006  Since Shred Academy  posted the low res / low bandwidth version of the Arpeggio Lesson download, We decided to add a higher res version of the video to our Free Guitar Lessons Area - check it out here !
2-8-2006 Dean and Randy have teamed up with Shredacademy.com to host & distribute their Shred Metal Instructional DVD. A new free instructional video download (Arpeggio Progression) shot exclusively for  is Shredacademy.com available for download - check it out here!

2-26-06  The DC Custom Shop is now open for business! Check out the new site & see where we will continue to build and offer some amazing Custom guitars and necks!!

1-19-06 - Online Lesson Student Area Updated to include new Blues section - 2  New Video lessons "Basic Blues" & "In the Style of Hendrix"  have been added!
1/17/06  Great News - Randy Ciak has just signed an endorsement deal with Jamerson Guitars! Check out the new Jamerson Website for the details (Video coming Soon!!!) To wrap up our Double Neck Project, we have video of the Shred Lord Joe Stump Burning up both necks -INSANE!

Site Archive here