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Featured Guitarist

Dean J Cascione


Dean's Website:


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Joe Stump & Dean Cascione
Shredding to Yngwie's Dreaming
11.0MB Video

Barocco #6
9.7MB Video



Heres a list of Dean's Gear he is currently using in the studio, and for live performances. Dean prefers all analog devices as apposed to digitally enhanced effects or emulators.

"Over the years - I've tried many different Guitar, Amp & Effect combinations, finding that the best sounding rigs  were the simplest! Amp simulators and digital effects are great for practicing at low volumes, but remember that all those extra effects will hide your mistakes! Practicing with little to no effects (just use a basic overdrive and and no reverb will keep  you chops right on target!"

1980's Laney Pro Tube Lead AoR 100w Head

  "The tone from these heads is like taking a vintage Marshall JMP/Plexi and injecting it with Steroids! This head along with my FXDr. Modded YJM 308 pedal give me the tone I need!"

SoundClip "Guitar Chop Shop"

Continue reading about Dean's gear here



Dean is Endorsed by:  DC Custom Guitars, & FX Doctor. Effects, and Ollmann Electronics pedals








Online Shred Guitar Lessons


Dean & Joe Stump

Joe, Dean & Randy



To find out more how you can improve your
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Vintage Fender Strat Collection

Personal Projects In Progress


1973 USA Fender Stratocaster Voodoo (73 lefty neck
on a 73 Body) 
(Hand Built by Dean)


Vintage 1972 USA Strat(Not Reissue), Scalloped - "Yngwie  -The Duck" Replica" (Hand Built by Dean)


1997 USA Jimi Woodstock Tribute Strat


1974 USA Fender Stratocaster Hardtail


1975 USA Fender Natural Ash Stratocaster


1996 USA Yngwie  Signature Strat Scalloped Neck

See the whole collection here!








Dean's Handmade Monterey Voodoo

Lefty PUP Configuration on Righty Body, Left Handed
5AAAAA Birdseye Neck & custom Hendrix Monterey paint!!

(In Progress)


Yngwie True-Relic Duck Replica Conversion

70's Strat Reissue Neck / Real Vintage USA Strat 70's Strat Body used as a Core for this Project. All the Yngwie Duck Vibe Including the simulated Cracked Headstock & fretboard wear & tear!!!

(In Progress)

Completed Duck with Simulated Tour

Side by Side comparison of
Yngwie's Real Duck & Dean's
Project Play Loud Duck:

Note: Deans Duck is leaning on his 68 RS/SS 427
Camaro while Yngwie's is leaning on his Ferrari 308!




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