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Yngwie is one of the most influential guitarist of the 20th century. In the early 80's he practically invented the Neo-Classical metal style of guitar.
 Yngwie is a true guitar genius and we thank him for the incredible gift  he has given to modern music. As Yngwie would say "PLAY LOUD"



This guitar is being built right here at Randyciak.com in  honor of the Master shredder and his amazing  style.

Tune in each week as we build this
amazing replica guitar online at




  The donor guitar: Mexican Fender
Deluxe Stratocaster, large headstock
Olympic white body, Jumbo frets, w/rosewood (Note the original
Duck is Maple, but the Master
Shredder uses both types of necks!
Check out the Body - It's complete
with road bruises!!
Guitar is disassembled and the
neck fret board scalloping begins.
Rough Scalloping is almost completed!
  Rough Scalloping is complete.
First run of hand sanding is next on the agenda, plus any scallop reshaping
needed to make her perfect!
Next, We will finish sand, oil finish the
fretboard, and relic the neck
Another view of this amazing
21 fret hand-scalloped neck. The
headstock has also been squirted with
nitro too (Just like real 70's strats!) were - it will age nicely!
Parts are collected - Mint Green Pick
guard Dimarzio HS3 & YJM Pickups
Brass Nut, and the infamous
Ferrari and Donald Duck stickers.






  Next the body will be painted with
Nitrocellulose Vintage Cream Lacquer
then reliced to look aged
Body is sprayed in Vintage Cream
Nitro  - She is starting to look
more & more like the duck!
Mint Green pick guard and aged
pickup covers and knobs
really give it a vintage vibe
  Back preview /sticker placement Making room for the Brass Nut - can
you say SUSTAIN!!
Brass nut installation is complete. "Duck"
sticker applied to headstock
  Next step is to relic the body
& neck to look like it has been
on tour with the Master Shredder!
Note: wrong duck sticker
installed :( - real
70's disney duck stickersare
 on there way!!
Time to Age the body - some people
would think of this as a sin....
Using a photo of the original Duck
to replicate each and every scratch
  Body wear is coming along nicely 
Check out my calibrated belt buckle
to create the authentic body rash!
Fnal sanding of the nitro to add to the
the worn-in look and feel
Backside of the Duck Replica Body
complete - PLAY LOUD!
  Front side aging complete -
just add "Play Loud" sticker!!
Pre - assembly of this vintage cream
beauty! We are getting excited to
string her up and play her!!!
The illusion of making this axe look
as though it toured with Yngwie in
his ground breaking years is
very believable
  Time to Wires up the Dimarzio
Hs-3 and YJM Pickups!!
Configuration is as follows -
Dimarzio YJM / Neck
70's reissue (middle Pup that gets in
the way of our Master Shredder's
furios picking- never used)
and Dimarzio
HS-3 bridge.
 We follow Dimarzio's
Directions and tie the Back and White
wires wires together and shrink wrap  them.The red will go to the  5-way switchand the Green and clear will
be soldered to ground.
Ahh- the wiring assy is complete -
We cant wait to string her up
and play some Neoclassical tunes!!!!


  Pickguard installed with rusty and
missing Strat screws :) I'm getting
anxious! Neck was taken back off for
the final scallop shaping, sanding, and



Neck is re-installed and guitar is
strung up. Check out that scallop Job!!
We adjusted the neck
heel height, saddle height
intonated her and set pickup height to
find the ultimate tone "Sweet Spot"
Scalloping is PERFECT!


Its Alive!!!!




Many Cigarette burns added to
the headstock to duplicate the real
yellow bird ( had to bum
a  few cigarettes - I don't smoke :)
Dirt, grime, and chips also
placed accordingly....And yes
the correct Duck sticker -


Nice White Leopard





Due to popular demand - We will be showcasing another Duck replica project in the upcoming
weeks!!!! We will be using a brand spanking new Olympic white 70's Strat reissue w/Maple neck
for the donor!!!  STAY TUNED!



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