All Our custom guitars & mods & Custom Guitars are now being built in our very own DC Custom Shop! Check out the Site and see some really cool custom guitars and some of the  scalloped / standard fretboard necks we offer!

The DC Custom Shop Builds Bolt-on or Neck thru Guitars to YOUR specifications!


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Tribal CBS 3 bolt Exotic Zebra Wood
 Zebrawood Neck and Body ,Rosewood
Fingerboard, Vintage Trem, Rear Control. Dimarzio
HS3/ YJM Pups -


Shell Pink Custom W/Scalloped Neck
 1 PC Alder Body, Nitro Cellulous Shell Pink Lacquer
thin coat finish for TONE . Vintage Frets, Scalloped
50's licensed style neck with Amber tint. American Steel
Block Trem with Mint Green Pickguard.


Sonic Blue Aged Pin-up Custom Guitar
 1 PC Alder Body, Nitro Cellulous Sonic Blue Lacquer
thin coat finish with custom Pinup Grafics, Texas Special PUPS,  Aged vintage trem, Pickguard, and accessories.  with Dunlop 6100
Jumbo Frets & pre aged fretboard.

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Scalloped Black Beauty
Seventies style 3 bolt ultra black strat w/scalloped flame maple
neck. Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder PUPs & Vintage Trem.
& huge Dunlop 6000 Frets & Dimarzio Clip Lock Strap


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Randy Ciak Signature
Tribal Neck Through Exotic Wood Guitar

Flame Maple with Birdseye Scalloped
Fingerboard, Hardtail (String Through) Rear Control
Route & Seymour Duncan PUPs . Abalone Fret Marker inlays
Gotoh tuners & DC Custom Tribal Graphic


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  Quartersawn Maple
with Reverse Headstock
Scalloped Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard
& Abalone Inlays - Dunlop 6000 frets.
  DC Custom Reverse 5AAAAA
Birdseye Maple Scalloped
Neck w Abalone Inlays! Dunlop 6100
Frets. Real artist signature added to

  Sea of Rough Scalloped Necks!

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  DC Custom Reverse Solid Zebrawood
& Brazilian Rosewood Scalloped
Neck w Abalone Inlays! Dunlop 6000

  DC Custom Reverse AAA Flame Maple
Scalloped Neck! Dunlop 6000 Frets


  Brazilian Rosewood, Scalloped fretboard, with medium jumbo 22 fret neck (rear)  AAA Flame Maple Scalloped fretboard , 21 Dunlop 6100 frets (Front)
licensed headstock

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Our custom necks are the perfect addition to your  Strat Style guitar!

 Some of the options we offer include:  Full fret board scallops, "Chunky C" full 1 inch back profiles Flame & Birdseye Maple, Stainless Steel Frets, Top or bottom truss-rod adjustment & Large headstocks !


Check out the Site and see the custom necks
& specifications / wood types we offer!

Please email for specs & price Quote!




No cash refunds are available on any custom work including: custom shaped bodies, necks, finishing, refinishing, aging or distressing, wiring electronics, and scalloping.


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