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Featured Project

Fender 1979 Stratocaster Scalloped Neck Mod


Most collectors would consider scalloping the neck of a
dead nuts original 1979 Sunburst Fender Stratocaster a sin, However
 Shred Guitar players will agree that this mod will only improve the
agility of this superior vintage instrument!!

Here at Randyciak.com we will be showcasing the scalloped neck
mod of this cool 100% original Fender Strat!




   Guitar Donor - Original Instrument owned by
Dean Cascione and recently sold to a site
visitor and friend Nowell Herman - Nowell
wanted a 79 similar to what he played
back in the day, however he wanted the
axe to me more
"Yngwie Like" and
dropped the extra beans to have the neck
A few more shots before we take her apart and
begin the work....Original case, and tremolo ash tray
 - cool!!!
  First the strings are removed and the
3 bolt cbs era neck is unbolted...
Neck pocket is virgin with no mods - QC
control stampings are visible.....
  Original Fret wire is protected with 3m
Blue 1/8 Body shop tape
during the hand scalloping
and finish sanding stages.... (3rd from the top
 on this  bench shot)
Will one original 1979 Fender
Stratocaster Maple neck please
approach the bench???
  You are sentenced to a life of Shred!!
May the fret board scalloping procedure
Scallops are cool & give the player much more
control of each note fretted! Our scallops are
all done by hand and  follow the radius of the
fret board!!! For your do-it-yourselfers, don't be afraid,
however be patient and work slow!
  Hand file stage is complete..
Next we  will finish sand the bitch &
get her ready for a coat of
Nitrocellulous Lacquer Sealer!
Nitro sealer is sprayed and prepped for clear
nitro top coat (Sand and smooth with 600 grit sandpaper)
. Top coat is then applied (seen here)
  Next we get ready to polish the scalloped
fret board and massage the back of the neck- to
make it feel fast and smooth, the 70's high gloss finish just wont cut it and gets sticky when sweating & shredding...

Note: REAL FEB 1951 Telecaster / Broadcaster / No caster
neck in the Photo (Complete with
Straight Edge Truss Rod Adjustment!! - can you say VINTAGE LEO TWANG! - This buildup
will be showcased soon!!!
We start the process of stripping the finish from
the back side of the Vintage Fender neck.... 3m
Tape is used as a guide so we dont strip away too
much ....
  Tape is removed and finish "wear"
is blended - final steps will include
tinting the bare area and  sealing the exposed
wood to keep the neck from absorbing
the elements.....
Neck tinted and sealed!
  Neck bolted to body....Wear
looks - crazy-cool and feels like
a broken in old friend.....
Scallops rock - a must for a
killer shred weapon.....
  Next we will string the bitch up and
prove this axe can deliver the shred....

An free instructional video will be shot
Exclusively for Yngwie 100%  website using
this guitar !!!!!


Yngwie Malmsteen 100%  Yngwie Malmsteen 100%





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