Joe Stump ESP Scallop / Pickup  Mod



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This month, we give pimp
a brand new ESP Vintage
Plus Relic for the Shred Lord
himself: Joe Stump!!




We specialize in Guitar Mods!

Tune in as we pimp This plain-jane
ESP relic into a Super-Sonic
Joe Stump Approved and Owned
Shred Machine!!!






Brand New ESP Vintage Plus
sacrilege to modify?

 Nice and nasty from
the ESP Japan Factory...
worn neck looks cool...
 Lets rip the neck off and
get started...
Original issue ESP vintage Pups
have cool fiber bobbins to pay
tribute to their ancestors...
A test run revealed these pickups
were very weak sounding...can you
say weak tone?
The Shred Lords wish list included a
Dimarzio YJM Installed
in the neck and a Dimarzio
FAST TRACK in the bridge....

Now this axe is starting to look cool
.......Aged covers add to the ESP's
relic vibe......







Next we sharpen our hand files and
get to work...

Note the
12th fret Block inlay that
reads ESP - this shouldn't be a problem since we are only
scalloping to
about 1mm of depth....

(side fret marker height
dictated this)

Rough Scallop is complete
on the upper and lower register.
we we able to salvage the 12th fret!

Still needs finish sanding but
we are getting there - hopefully
the Shred Lord will approve...



Sanding is complete and ready
for finish to be applied - we will tint
the board to match the aged ESP Nitro
  Nitro Sealer applied - Amber Nitro Tint
will darken up the fretboard
Tinted Nitro Shot -  ready to shred???...well almost...
Neck bolted on - were almost ready to
sweep out a few arpeggios!!


  ESP Super Sonic Shred Machine!!!
The weapon of choice
for Shred Lord Joe Stump!!!
Neo-scallops!!!  Now Lets Shred!!! Thanks for
tuning in!!

- Dean & Randy



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