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USA Yngwie Signature Strat Conversion



 Featured Project



This USA Fender Yngwie Malmsteen
Signature guitar is being modded right here at Randyciak.com
for our good friend & mega Yngwie Fan Tony Person. Tony
was sick of its plain-jane stock appearance and wanted it
to be a bit more vintage looking- Tony calls his dream mod
"VOS" (Vintage Old Stock) So well use that for our
Project name!!




Brand new 2006 Fender Signature
Malm Model with Scalloped neck-

This should be fun!


Tony Sent this baby in Brand new condition - not a scratch...well not
until we get done with her....
Guitar is disassembled and
Tonys notes on his dream VOS
Guitar are studied - "Some light
relicing, remove the Yngwie signature, age
the neck, fretboard, pickguard, and rewire
the electronics to individual volumes for
each pickup..V1, V2, V3
Tuners are removed and the work begins
lets say "C-ya to the
yngwie signature.....
And "Good Bye" to the dimarzio
marking on the pup covers....
Per request, Rewiring of the Electronics
to 3 separate volumes for each
individual pickup....
  YJM Decal is removed and amber tint
 is sprayed on the headstock
to give it the vintage appearance. Light
Fret board relicing has been started
This body is sooo nice..not even
one scratch...well here we go...
Ferrari decal is applied..
Conservative  bumps, bruises
and wear marks are added to
a once pristine YJM strat body...
  The guitar is starting to transform...
So long to the "Guitar Center" looking
new strat and hello to some

Donald Duck Sticker is applied to the
amber tinted headstock of
the neck....
neck is attached to the body..
Light wear on the back of the neck
gives it a broken in feel....ahh_like an
old friend...
Looking good.....

Tony can Shred in style now!!!

Thanks for tuning in!!!

-Randy & Dean


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