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 Featured Project



 This months featured project is the creation of a Wild Double
Scalloped Neck Nylon String/Steel String Strat Style Guitar Inspired by Yngwie Malmsteen

This Online Featured Project
is being sponsored by

 Musikraft Replacement
Guitar Bodies and Necks Custom Shop located in NJ USA!!

Special Thanks to Musikraft &
their incredible quality guitar
parts and friendly service!




We specialize in Custom
Guitars as well as
Guitar Mods!


Tune in each week as we build this
sweet double neck shred axe online at!





    Original Concept of Neck / Body Configuration
  • Double Strat Body (Top/bottom guitar offset by 1.5 inches)

  • Two Scalloped AAA Flame Maple Lam boards necks / full 1" super fat back profile

  • Dunlop 6100 frets

  • Top neck reverse CBS

  • Vintage nickel tuners (Kluson Deluxe)

  • The lower strat will be a conventional CBS Strat style

  • Upper strat will be an electric nylon string utilizing piezo pickups & string through body

  • The lower strat will  be configured std Vintage Tremolo with Dimarzio Hs-3 and YJM Pickups!




  Over the years we  have done a ton
of business with Musikraft. For this
special project, we were granted a rare
opportunity to see our Double Strat
Body and necks being manufactured at
Musikraft from the raw materials!

 AAA flame
Maple stock is selected for the
necks (exact board our necks
will be cut from!!)
The Lower neck is rough cut from the
raw stock on the band saw. The  crew
 at Musikraft eat high grade
 sawdust for lunch everyday :)

  Rough Cut Complete!

Next Step is to thickness sand both necks

Next the CNC Equipment
cut the classic CBS Head-stock!
Fat heads rock !!!

  Next the truss-rod slot is cut!
Were getting excited - Musikraft
Kicks ass!!
Truss rods are both installed.
these will be adjusted from
the heel - just like the
vintage CBS 60's strats!
Getting ready to radius the fret board
We chose 7 Degrees - Just like Vintage
  Fret board radius is planed! Fret Slots are cut (21 ) Headstock Scoop is formed    
  Headstock Scoop completed on
both necks!
Neck is drilled for dot inlays - Std.
black ones have been selected.
Fat-back profile is cut on both necks
These babies were ordered with
a huge full 1" profile - In comparison,
these necks make
a "Chunky C" feel like a twig!
  Back carving & transition
in progress
Rough back carving & transition

While the necks were being finish sanded
the double strat body was CNC top routed!
  CNC back cutting in progress CNC back cutting completed  

Corner radius in progress...


Next Step - Finish Sanding of the
Double Strat Body

Side marker installation

6100 Frets are pressed in...
  Final Sanding of the necks begin... Mock Assembly to include
Custom 3 ply (wbw) Pickguard!
Shes gorgeous!!!
Dimarzio Pickup covers
along with crème volume / tone knobs
will be used
  We start scalloping the Upper Reverse
Headstock Maple
Flame Lam board Neck!!
Dean says" Hand tools work the best - Patience is a virtue when
performing this task...."
We blew though many of the fret
markers (Typical) during the rough scallop.
Note: Fret Protectors to keep the hand tools
from nicking the frets.
  Body gets prepped for the Nitro Sealer
Nitro Sealer coat #1 complete Begin scalloping the lower neck - specs are
the same as the upper, but std headstock
  Both necks rough scallop complete -
Symmetry is being checked here
between each of the necks
Deep scallops = Improve control
when shredding! Shred Lives!!
Mock assy and birdseye view of
the beast  - were getting pumped
to play this baby!!
  Fret Markers that were filed
away during the scalloping
process get replaced here..
Fret markers get sanded and contoured into each scallop.
Finish sanding begins on both necks
Nitro Sealer is spayed on the upper
neck - AAA flame figuring is
starting to peek through!!
Hello Flame!
  Sweet AAA Flame will make this
baby soo special :)
Sealer is wet sanded Back to the pc to create the lower
DC Custom Guitar Logo staying true to the original concept
  The first coat of clear nitro
gets sprayed.....
Nitro Coat dries, and the
Water slide decals are  printed & mocked up on the headstocks- kewl!
Water slide decals soaking...    
  Transfer.....Steady...... Decal Transfer Complete!!! Look
at that AAA Flame Grain Maple - Simply Breathtaking!!!
Preparing for nitro coat #2 by wet sanding
nitro coat #1
  Nitro coat # 2 being sanded here...
we sand in increments up to
2500 grit wet paper....
The final stage - hand polishing
smooth and shiny as glass!!
Hmm  - I can you see myself!!!    
  Kluson tuners ferrules pressed
in on the bench
Holes on the back of the headstock are hand drilled, & Kluson Deluxe tuners are
Both nuts are fitted here- Note: Final install
will be done after necks are set and strings are strung...
  Double Strat Body get a juicy coat of
Nitro cellulous white primer
The first of many painful
wet sanding dates with the
body...Smooth out as many imperfections as you can!!
Ahh - Vintage creme color coat #1
being applied - we need to stay true to
our original Yngwie duck yellow concept :)
  guess what were doing here???
MORE Color Sanding!!
....Final color coat as well as the
clear coats have been applied and sanded. The clear nitro is sanded all the way up to 2000 grit, then 3m hand glaze is used to do the final polish by hand! Saweet!!!
Ok lets start assembling her - String thru ferrules are pressed into the body ... The Nylon string  upper part of the guitar uses a std hard tail configuration - we will be adding ball ends to out nylon strings later...    
  Fender Vintage  USA with Steel  trem
block is used for the lower conventional
electric guitar portion of our axe!!

Next the hard tail bridge is screwed in place and the piezo pickups/saddles are installed...


Strap buttons get screwed into the body - we use felt pads to protect the body, plus
they give it a cool vintage look..
  Body is flipped back over and the Fender
Vintage  USA  Trem assy gets is 3 springs
and claw installed .

The  wiring - this could be a whole
story in itself!! Basically since we do not use the middle pickup position on the lower strat config - we omitted the tone(1)control, moved  the volume control of the lower strat down one (v2), and added a volume (v1) for the nylon string strat! All this will get pumped through a stereo output jack!!
Dare us to fit all those electronics
 into that vintage control cavity ? We can do
it!! Actually we could have made it
easier and made a pool route under
the pick guard, but we all know
that sacrifices major TONE!!!
NOT - we do it right !!

Here's the stereo output jack with 6 wires..
a wee bit different than your std strat - hehe



Make sure you protect the body
from hot solder wile soldering -
the hot solder can instantly wreck
a pristine paint-job!!
The calm before the storm - all we need
now is our brass neck plates to
bolt the necks on.....
  Finally our DC Custom Brass Neck Plates arrived from our machine shop!
Necks are bolted on with these beefy 3/16 brass neck plates
which add mucho sustain to our custom axe! You can see Dean uses
one also on his
DC Custom Signature Shred Strat in 3bolt CBS form.
The assembly is complete - But hold on one minute!!! Just when you think
the project is done, and she's ready to shred, remember we have to spend
many hours (over the course of several weeks) setting this baby up -  the trussrods
will need adjustment, string height and saddles tweeked, intonation, checking ALL 42 fret for buzz,
and any electronic issues that will only show up under playing conditions (noise etc.)

You can be sure once we have her playing AMAZING, well write a tune, shoot cool video
showcasing some shred on both scalloped flamey necks.....


Update (3-06): We had Joe "Shred Lord" Stump
Test out The DC Custom Double Scalloped Shred Guitar (
and sign the back of the headstock!! ) Check it out!!


Check out the Shred Lord
Playing our Double Neck
DC Custom Strat!!!

13.6 MB

(Next we need Yngwie Malmsteen, The Neoclassical God Himself to
Try and sign it Too!! - well keep you posted)






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