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This month, we give a new lease on life to this poor
Fender 70's reissue neck that
suffered an amateur
Ritchie Blackmore scallop job.




We specialize in Guitar Mods!

Tune in each week as we repair
this sweet neck online at




Neck arrived from our a customer
who salvaged this poor puppy

from the trash bin.
We nicknamed it the
 Ritchie Trashmore
signature series....

Scalloping appears to be performed with a powertool... Power Tools remove the material WAY too fast -
and are sometimes uncontrollable
with the human hand - a round file is the best tool to use ; Hand tools take off small amounts of material at a time....
Or maybe the prior owner never - ever
cut his finger nails ????

A few of the dot inlays are barely visible!

Ok - enough is enough -
lets get started.....this baby wants
a new lease on life!
First the board is predrilled for the replacement dot inlays - This
 is easier to do this while some of the dots are still visible -

The scallop repair processing begins - we
protect the frets with tape and
then head in with our  sharp round files
in a controlled manner ... The scallops will
be a bit deep however the neck will be
salvageable and play amazing!!







Dots installed - rough scallop
complete...looking good?


finish sanding stage begins...
and ..ends....


Tongue oil the board and
buff with a rag.....sweeet!


A killer scalloped neck shred
machine with many more
years of shred left in her....
Some yng MOJO added to
the headstock for
some neoclassical vibe...
Shred on!    

    Thanks for tuning in!

Dean & Randy 



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