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In this project, we will be finishing a Korina Wood DC Custom Guitar Body with "Spray-can Nitro" courtesy of the Guitar Reranch - Thanks Bill!!

Note: The Guitar ReRanch offers vintage guitar refinishing supplies along with application instructions at http://www.reranch.com . Also visit The Guitar Refinishing and Restoration Forum at http://reranch.com/reranch




Tune in each week as we build
another cool axe online!!!




  First stop - www.reranch.com
to place our online order for
some spray bomb nitro! Randy Chose
Silver for the super sick korina tone wood

Order placed!

Our box arrives in a few days with all the goodies we need - sand paper, nitro sealer, primer , top coat, and Hand buffing glaze!
We have already finish sanded out body
 to  400 grit - next is to blow off all the dust, wipe her down
with a tack cloth and apply the
spray-bomb sealer!

  We  let the nitro sealer
dry for about a week before
prepping her for primer - we then used the
400 & 600 grit wet/dry paper to do this...


We like to use 600 grit prior to give the
Primer something to bite to, but fine
enough not to leave scratches that will show under your glossy finish!!!

Ready  - Aim - SPRAY BOMB!!

Primer is looking good ......The silver top coat should look better!!!!    
   After sanding the primer, we noticed
many areas in the grain
that needed filling. We used Bartleys
Grain Filler  - Only use enough to fill the
We let the grain filler dry, sanded it all out out with 600 grit paper and then gave this cool body another coat of primer!
Primer coat #2 sand and prep for the
ReRanch Inca Silver Color coat!!
  First coat of Inca Silver sprayed down... Hanging out in the drying room
we will inspect her in a few days
to see if she will need more color coat or just a wet sand and clear coat applied....
First Color coat revealed many small
imperfection in the finish (very common)
  we let dry - then wet sanded again (600) and shot color coat #2 - Sweet!!
Next the DC Custom Tribal Decals
are cut out and applied ...
Body In queue,  - ready for
a top coat of RERANCH
clearcoat to bury the decals under the finish!!
This Guitar will Kill!    



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