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Roland Ready Strat Conversion



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In this project, we will be converting a Roland Ready Fender  Stratocaster to a Roland equipped Play Loud Duck   Thanks to our Good Friend Keith Chambers for
letting us complete his project!



Tune in each week as we build
another cool axe online!!!




  Heres the original pics from Keith's
Winning Ebay Auction - ahh nice and
clean Roland Equipped Mexi Strat !!
Rear view - not as hot as our guitar girls but cool!

This is how she arrived at our shop.
Keith did an amazing job stripping off the poly finish,  fitting a bullet truss rod
reissue neck in place of the original rosewood neck, & installing an
 American Steel Block Tremolo.


Another View before we get started


Next the whole axe will be

  First We had to clean out the areas
 inside the horns where some paint was left
 After the entire body was sealed, the Primer  coat is applied
and hung to cure
Next after sanding the primer with 600
 grit paper, Vintage Crème Nitro
Lacquer color is shot on the body
and hung to dry


  While the body is drying we ripped
out the tiny little stock vintage frets
Real players need  huge frets lol!
frets are installed using our
fret press...
make sure you radius the frets before trying to press them in!!    

  The body gets wet sanded and
the aging begins!

Ferrari decal is applied and
we get the files ready!!
Sharpen the files...
Don't be afraid - go for it!!!

  She compares against
our Duck conversion Shop model
just perfect!
front "beating" is coming along nice
..check out the cool routing
in the electronics cavity for the
midi electronics & pup!!
Stock pups are removed and
YJM / HS3 pups are installed
along with a 3 way Switchkraft Switch!



  The finish is stripped of the back of the
 neck. Vintage 70' necks were
ploy with nitro headstocks - that's why
the headstock turn orange with age!!


Fret board is rough scalloped! project is coming along nicely!!!    

  fret markers that were removed
from scalloping are re-drilled
and replaced
It will live.....It will Shred!! Getting the midi stuff all wired and

  Wiring completed per the Roland
Strat Schematic
Input Jack Wired up!! Fret board is aged & bolted on with a
cool  60's Fender F plate

  Assembly complete !! Roland Ready Duck - A Rare bird?

Maybe be the only one in existence!

Ready to ship back to Keith!
Thanks again for choosing
Randyciak.com & DC Custom Guitars
for your project!!



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