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Mini Strat Scalloped Shred



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In this project, we take a
bone stock mini strat guitar
and mod it to inspire
the youngest of shredders!!



Why learn to play guitar on a conventional
fretboard when you can unlock the secrets of
the scalloped fretboard? Here's the
Manufacturer's specs on this baby..

The Squier Mini guitar has arrived! It is designed for players of all ages. This 22.75 in. scale axe plays and sounds great. It features a double cutaway body, Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard, 20 frets, 3 single-coil pickups, 5-way switching, master volume and tone control, single-ply white pickguard, and a 6-saddle hard-tail bridge.



  First stop - musiciansfriend.com
for a bone-stock Squier strat mini!
we grabbed this baby for 99.00 - free
The guitar arrived just days later!
Careful inspection revealed
amazing playability right out of
the box and a killer 3/16"
thick rosewood fretboard  - just
perfect for scalloping!

Tuners and string trees are removed.
The headstock is cut and
to  a more aggressive style (DC Custom)


  Next the entire rosewood fretboard
receives a 1.5 mm scallop!

Rosewood Board is then finish
sanded with 120,220,320,400, 500 & 600 grit paper - we don't like going any finer than 600 grit in sanding the board because we have found that shiny boards repel the protective tongue oil finish!
 ......fretboard sealed with
tongue oil
  Headstock decal is applied - and
covered over with nitro


 Check out the scale difference between a std.
25.5" neck and the mini - 22.75"


Next we reinstall the tuners (Note
tuner gears were bone dry inside, so
we added a bit of grease for smooth operation.) Were getting anxious to shred
this baby!!
  Neck is bolted on to the
mini shred weapon!!! String Trees
added and axe is strung up with

Mini scale & Maximum Muscle!
This little axe can hang and
shred with the big boys!


Scalloped modded mini (black)
DC headstock mod / Custom pups
/ neckplate  (red)

..and some words of wisdom
for the budding shredder....
- Shred on!      



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