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                    Randy Ciak



I started playing guitar when I was 14 but only hacked away in the beginning. I got a bit more serious a few years later and started taking lessons in Boston from Toshi Iseda. I would come back every week later not knowing a damned thing from the previous weeks lesson. Toshi would bum out on me but I pretty much just went to see him play. He was very inspiring, not only in his playing abilities, but as a guy who really had it all together. The guy still remains my idol for knowing what he wanted and being relentless in his quest to get it.
     I played in a few metal bands and had a blast performing live but I grew to love writing and arranging songs. I blew off the band thing to focus on writing and producing songs. My playing still takes a back seat in order to progress with the song writing but I couldn’t help but build up some skills throughout the years. Hopefully, this will be evident as we incorporate some solo stuff into this site in the coming year. Since Dean Cascione
and I started collaborating on music, my playing has improved greatly. We’re always pushing each other to reach the next level of creativity and skill. Look for some great music to come from it! We’re working on some innovative new styles of music that incorporates Metal, Techno, Industrial, Gothic, and New Age.

Randy is Currently endorsed by: Jamerson Guitars,  & DC Custom Guitars.

Randy Ciak & TranceTek

Trance Tek is the combination of Techno, Metal, Electronica, and New Age to form a unique blend of new rock with heavy grooves. A futuristic mix of electronic sounds melted in with clean and distorted guitars, almost psychedelic in sound experience. We try to use well thought lyrics and catch phrases blended with shred virtuosity.

Our Upbeat tempos fused with ethereal effects and sounds create a diverse style of auditory imagery should have you tapping your feet, pumping your fist, or swaying to the beat..........

Original Tunes Mp3 / Audio

Blown Away.mp3 The latest song for 2006
Free.mp3 This song won many awards on garageband.com
Paradise.mp3 This is the song that started the Trance Tek Techno Metal style

Trance Tek Garageband.com site link to reviews and podcasts



Video Lesson # 2 Hammer-On Technique
Featuring Randy in the Style of
Akira Takasaki (Standard Tuning)

Lesson #7 Harmonic Pinch Basics
Featuring Randy in the style of Zakk Wylde,
& George Lynch

Click here to see Randy Shred
his Jamerson Custom Shop
in this video produced at
Randyciak.com Multimedia Studios!!
19mb Video




Toshi Iseda, Randy Rhoades, Brad Gillis, Joe Stump






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